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Mandapadu village was formed in October 1912 with head count of 15 people and it has 5000 people as of now with 70 percentage literacy.

Mandapadu is situated between 15-18 and 16-50 0f the northern latitude & 70-100 and 80-55 of the eastern latitude.

With an average rainfall of 889.1 mm, warm weather and fertile soil conditions, it is suitable for Chilies, Paddy and Cotton crops.

With more than 1,486 hectares of geographical area and collaborative experience of people among various tribes, it was crowned as the best village for Chilies production across other villages in the Guntur (Gardhapuri) district.

Mandapadu also has a team of outstanding reputable IT professionals working across SAP, Java, Dot Net, QA and BA technologies with excellent academic records.

Getting to Mandapadu village from Guntur is easy with variety of shuttle buses, train and other transportation options.

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